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Check the schedule for class days and times.

3-4-Year-Old Combo Class
This one-hour class combines ballet, tap, and creative movement.

5-7-Year-Old Combo Class
The 5-7-year-old class combines ballet, tap, and creative movement.

These classes will inspire the young dancer while teaching him or her in a friendly and creative environment. Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. It will encourage self-confidence and an appreciation for the arts. Tap will help to enhance coordination and rhythm. Tumbling skills will help children to gain confidence in their own abilities while encouraging gross motor skills. The combination of Ballet, Tap and Tumbling will give your young dancer a good foundation in dance that will help to enable him or her to achieve any future dance goals he or she chooses to pursue.

Classic Combination Classes


Traditional Techniques

Ballet / Pointe

A classical art form that has been performed for over 500 years, ballet focuses on clean lines and refinement of style. One-hour ballet technique classes are offered for students age 6 and up for levels beginner through advanced. Pointe is offered in these classes for students age 10 and up with the teacher's approval. Technique is developed at the barre and is expanded at the center for performance.


A truly American art form, jazz incorporates isolations, flexibility, and coordination with upbeat, rhythmic music. Jazz classes are offered for beginner through advanced levels for students age 6 and up.


                                                           Derived from classical ballet, modern allows students to discover how to move                                                                     from the core with a connection to the ground through bare feet and learn about                                                                 the weight of movement and how to center their bodies.



Students learn classic techniques and the newer hoofing styles of tap. The syncopated rhythms and distinct sound of tap have been performed on stage and screen by people like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Savion Glover.   Tap classes are offered for students age 6 and up.


Lyrical is a flowing, interpretive form of dance. The class is offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Hip Hop

Hip hop, which evolved from street dancing, includes various styles of fast-paced movements to modern music forms.

Musical Theater Dance

Dancers will learn routines from musicals and in the style of musicals such as West Side Story, Chicago, and more.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a style of interpretive dance that embraces innovation, blending techniques from various genres, including classical ballet, jazz, modern dance and lyrical dance.

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