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Martial Arts at Dancescape by Joyce on Broadway


Dancescape offers an excellent program in Martial Arts. Paul Panzarella offers instruction in TaeKwon-Do, HapKi-Do, and Kenpo with emphasis on self-defense. The classes focus on many valuable character-building virtues including respect of others, self respect, self confidence/esteem, and self control. Students learn coordination, balance, and fluid movements utilizing the upper and lower body. They also learn how to properly kick, punch, chop, block, parry, and toss the "bad guy." Martial Arts also builds character and respect.

6 & up Martial Arts - Instruction is based on traditional Korean TaeKwon-Do and HapKi-Do techniques. Students are encouraged to develop discipline and respect for the Martial Arts and to use it only for self defense. This program follows a regular belt progression. $75 monthly tuition

Full Schedule    Broadway Studio


6:30-7:30 6 & up Martial Arts


6:30-7:30 6 & up Martial Arts


Paul Panzarella / Instructor


Paul has been involved Martial Arts training for over 30 years. He was introduced to the styles of TaeKwon-Do, Hapki-Do, and Kenpo in the U.S. Army. After leaving the Army, he continued his training until he had earned black belts in TaeKwon-Do and Hapki-Do.  While earning his degrees, he was also assisting senior instructors.  During this period, he noticed that some of the instructors didn't teach with a lot of warmth and personal attention.  This led Paul to become disenchanted with traditional schools, and he decided to develop his own "unconventional" program.

To this day, his teaching methods are uncommon.  He believes in and gives all students personal attention. He incorporates "realistic scenarios" and practical "common sense" techniques in the program. Learning a mixture of styles gives the student an "arsenal to choose from" in a defense/self defense situation.

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