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Encouragement: Encourage your child in his/her dancing. Impress upon him/her that he/she will be taking lessons for the entire year. Dancing requires perseverance. After the first year, however, if there is no interest, then is the time to discontinue further lessons.

Leaving early: If your dancer must leave a class early, please tell the teacher before class if possible or speak with the office manager so that she can get your child from class.

Class Time: Dancers must be on time to class.  Latecomers are disruptive to the other students. Please be prompt to pick up your dancer after class; otherwise the boredom of waiting will be associated with dancing. 

Make-up Classes: Class lessons missed because of illness only may be made up. Contact the office manager to arrange make-up classes. The make-up lesson must be made up within a month of the missed lesson


Observation of Classes
Parents may observe classes at any time through the viewing windows provided for each dance room. Take advantage of this opportunity whenever you can.  However, we have found that parents can appreciate their dancer's progress if they observe a class about once a month.  Also, when observing a class please resist the urge to open the door and make a comment to your dancer.  This action is very disruptive to the entire class. If there is a problem, please make arrangements to discuss it with the teacher, privately.       

Dance Attire

All dancers are required to wear the same color of dance attire in order for the teachers to see what the dancers' bodies are doing.  Dance shirts or sweaters must be either pink or black and are subject to teacher approval.


Girls - all ballet and pointe classes - black leotard (any style) - pink tights

             all other dance styles solid color leotard - pink, suntan or black tights may be worn

* Solid colored shorts for tap, jazz, lyrical, modern or hip hop are optional.  ** Skirts are optional for ballet and pointe.

Boys - all classes - black jazz pants, sweatpants, or shorts and white t-shirt

Dance shoes - Ballet shoes - pink (girls) - black (boys)   

                     Tap shoes - black                  

                     Jazz shoes - black     

                     Lyrical shoes - Tan pull-on jazz shoe or turners 

                     Musical Theater shoes - black


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